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College of Arts & Sciences

In the College of Arts & Sciences, students engage in learning and discovery—both of new knowledge and of themselves. With world-class teaching and research supported by core commitments to social responsibility, the College fosters deep and sustained collaboration among faculty and students, cultivating lifelong learners with the capabilities of 21st century leaders.

Investments in the College are investments in the fundamental importance of a liberal arts education. Philanthropy will ensure that our students graduate prepared to make their mark on the world, having learned from world-class scholars, collaborated with diverse cohorts of peers, engaged in research and creative projects, and addressed global problems with an interdisciplinary approach.

A cornerstone for the whole university

What began as our institution’s sole school and foundation is now home to more than 500 accomplished full-time faculty and over 3,500 undergraduate students with 48 distinct majors. It remains a cornerstone for the university as a whole: College faculty typically provide more than 70% of all credits taken by main campus undergraduate students, including students at the McDonough School of Business and the Walsh School of Foreign Service.

“The College of Arts & Sciences thrives on the contrasts it holds in harmony—warm community meets a powerful city; ancient knowledge meets research into the unknown; tradition meets innovation; arts meet science. As we embark upon challenges still to come, our faculty and students will answer their call with ingenuity, integrity, and optimism; our students will be prepared to think broadly, to act ethically, and to commit their gifts and skills to solving our most vexing problems for the common good.”

—Dean Rosie Ceballo, Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences

Investing in the cornerstone of a Georgetown education

Read how Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences is building on a rich liberal arts tradition to graduate passionate, informed students with versatile skills.

: https://calledtobe.georgetown.edu/schools-programs/college-of-arts-sciences/#prospectus

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A Testimonial

karah knope

“What brought me to Georgetown was the ability to do cutting-edge research and mentor students. Here, I get the best of both worlds.”

—Karah Knope, an inorganic chemist in Georgetown’s College of Arts & Sciences and a 2022 recipient of the Provost Distinguished Associate Professor award, which honors faculty who are pushing the limits of knowledge in their field and transmitting their passion for this work to their students and the general public

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Donor support will be critical as we prepare students to pursue their ambitions in a complex world and lead lives of curiosity, purpose, and creativity. To learn more about or contribute to these priorities, please contact us at collegegiving@georgetown.edu.