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Advancing the health and security of people and the planet

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Georgetown’s campuses are home to an array of students, scholars, and practitioners leading the charge toward a healthier, more secure future for our communities and our common home. The university’s Jesuit tradition—our responsibility to care for the whole person, to protect our planet, to serve one another—guides and propels this work.

We have decades of momentum. An internationally recognized academic health and science center. Renowned expertise in global health. Deep engagement with the environmental, social, and physical determinants of well-being.

Building on these strengths, we will enter a new era of action as Georgetown researchers, clinicians, policy experts, and students contribute to a better human condition, locally and globally.

A Testimonial

rebecca katz

“We analyze policies and practices used throughout the world to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging health threats before they become international crises. …We ask and answer questions like: What kind of systems do you need in place to have countries working together? How do you think about the types of capacity that will be required at the municipality level? What does this mean for travel and trade?”

—Rebecca Katz, director of the Center for Global Health Science and Security, which helps decision-makers worldwide build sustainable capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to public health emergencies

The Center for Global Health Science and Security has become one of the world’s most trusted and effective partners for global health security preparedness. As part of this work, the center plans to measure the total impact of global health governance to date on outbreak response, and develop a new framework for thinking about policy reform as a scientific optimization problem.

We will address urgent threats to human well-being

  • pete marra

    Peter Marra

    Founding director of the Earth Commons, Georgetown University’s Institute for Environment and Sustainability

    “We need to have students leave Georgetown with both the passions in their belly and knowledge in their heads to tackle environment and sustainability challenges like never before.”

    Learn more about Georgetown’s environment and sustainability strategic initiative >

  • kirk zeiser

    Kirk Zieser (SFS ‘22)

    Participant in the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA) program

    “I did a semester’s worth of research into the Alaskan Arctic, and having the opportunity to visit the Arctic made everything—the issues, the people, the places—feel much more real. I now have a sense for exactly what’s at stake when thinking about the existential threat climate change poses to these communities.”

  • anna riegel

    Anna Tate Riegel

    Senior associate dean for Biomedical Graduate Education

    “In recent years, we have seen more than ever the relevance and impact of cross-disciplinary, cutting-edge research and clinical and industry expertise across the biomedical sciences.”

kids play the drums

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Medical students lead efforts to integrate environmental health into curriculum Ruba Omiera / Courtesy of Ruba Omeira For Ruba Omeira (M’24), a single grain of rice illustrates the staggering consequences…

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With your support, we will accelerate the work of students, scholars, and practitioners positioned to improve the human condition.

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